Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Fabric of Love

"Love is the fabric which never fades, no matter how often it is washed in the water of adversity and grief." Anonymous

I found this quote yesterday, and it truly hit home. It reminded me of my parent's marriage, and how through some of the most difficult life events, they stuck together, worked together, to make it through rough patches that would have ripped apart weaker bonds. Their love was a very tightly woven fabric, durable, yet warm, and cozy, like a well worn favorite blanket that covered and protected our little family of four.  Even though both Mama and Daddy are long gone, I still find comfort from that blanket.   

The fabric of love isn't always as well knitted, or sewn together as we night hope for it to be, and often times it is pulled apart when two people aren't able to weave together their individual threads. Sometimes, the weaving process can be interrupted by one partner's selfishness, or fears, and incompatibility. Threads have to blend and mesh, and form a tight pattern to remain successfully woven, and not unravel. Loose ends must be clipped, and tied, and all too often weavers aren't willing to make the sacrifices needed to finish the fabric.  True, abiding love doesn't balk at frayed edges, or rough patches that might cause some wear and tear, but it pulls the threads that binds it's fabric together, and mends the damage. 

The fabric of love comes in a large variety of textures. Some are like my parent's, practical, and heavy duty, capable of enduring even the worst of life's wear and tear. Some are light and airy, soft as silk, sheer as gauze, while others are as tenuous as a spiders web, with threads thin and flimsy. What matters most is how the threads are put together to create the material the fabric is made of. The fabric of love is not made from jealousy, or spite. It cannot be woven from disrespect, or spun from deceit, and disloyalty. The fabric of real, abiding love can only be created from threads of honesty, respect, loyalty, commitment, shared hopes, dreams, and goals. Each weaver must be willing to give any, and everything to insure the quality of the fabric, weaving together their hearts, and souls, holding nothing back until the fabric is tightly woven together. It is not an easy, or quick process, but instead a lifelong endeavor.

I was blessed to share such a fabric of love with a very wonderful, talented, goodhearted man, for five sweet years. Sadly, our fabric was only meant to last for a short time, and now Moe is my guardian angel.  Although the fabric I shared with Moe has been folded up, and packed away, and I know I will one day weave a new fabric with a new love, I will always have a few of Moe's threads wrapped around my heart.

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